Productivity Hacks Volume 1 - Birdback ♥ Asana

We love Asana. Here you go. We said it. Now it’s clear :) We even posted an answer in Quora that links to 1) this blog 2) a small hack we did to be able to move projects around workspaces in Asana. In other terms : Asana, we love you :)

But like all things you love blindly, there’s always a small voice inside you saying “if only”. If only Asana could act as an ultra-CRM, see my sent emails and remind me, in a task, of re-sending them again if nobody answers… “If only”

Enter Boomerang !

Boomerang is a great reminder for Gmail we ran into some weeks ago. We meddled a bit with Yesware (kudos to you guys, great tracking feature) but ended up choosing Boomerang because it was the perfect and simplest reminder tool.

After a couple of days working through it, we figure something out:

  • Boomerang send back an email with a boomerang tag every time it reminds me of something
  • On the other hand, Asana has a “e-mail task” feature through its address

The dots connected and taraaa (or was it taratataaaa ?):

  1. Remember to boomerang each e-mail you want to be reminded of
  2. Create a Gmail filter asking Gmail to send to every e-mail with a ‘Boomerang’ tag and sent from your e-mail address (Boomerang sends emails back to your inbox using your own address)
  3. Enjoy looking at reminder tasks popping up at the right time inside Asana

The beauty here is that, through e-mail, what used to be a management tool is integrated and communicating with your process flow… Machines can talk to each other and it’s for the best ! 

So, to sum it up : Birdback ♥ Asana + Boomerang. Thank you guys, you make it so much easier